Oncology Support

20150412_153431After a cancer diagnosis, your previously “normal” life goes out the window, and it can feel as if the very ground beneath your feet is crumbling. While the objective of chiropractic is not to treat or cure cancer, it can be used as a foundational approach in supporting your whole being through and beyond your treatment process.

Gentle chiropractic care can enhance and nurture your connection to your inner self and your body.  It can also help your body stay strong during treatment.

Obviously, you want to be functioning at your best while fighting a life threatening illness. Chiropractic care can do just that: it allows your body’s inborn healing potential to be expressed fully.

Dr. Steph and 8 year old daughter Chloe in April 2015.

Dr. Steph’s young daughter underwent cancer treatment in 2015.  Dr. Steph believes in her heart that the gentle chiropractic adjustments her daughter received throughout her conventional medical treatment truly allowed her to thrive. The medical staff at the hospital where she was treated was very impressed with how well she handled the intense chemotherapy she received.

Through a gentle approach, Dr. Steph aims to provide compassion, connection, and empowerment for people facing cancer. It is important that caregivers (ie, close friends or family members) are also checked and adjusted when necessary to help them stay present in their caregiving roles.

It is our intention to uplift and comfort you and your loved ones during what can be a potentially painful or chaotic time, and to make sure your body is expressing optimal health and optimal functioning throughout your journey. Whether your treatment plan involves conventional medicine, alternative medicine, or a combination of both, we would be honored to help you along your healing path.

You can read more about Dr. Steph’s empowering journey through her daughter’s cancer on her blog: www.healingwithcourage.com.

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