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You Can’t Get Fit in 5 Workouts

By on January 21, 2016

Why Chiropractic Didn’t Fail You
If you want to make a change, a real lasting change in your life, it requires a commitment. Over time, that commitment will pay off in the form of results. Want to lose 20 pounds? It probably requires a bit of a lifestyle change in…


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Health Is a State of Mind

By on November 30, 2015

You don’t have to be a victim to your health circumstances
Many of the unfortunate things that happen in our daily lives are beyond our control. You develop a flat tire en route to a weekend getaway; you arrive to your dentist appointment on time, only to discover that he…


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Tuning Into Your Innate Voice

By on November 15, 2015

When my young daughter was diagnosed with caner earlier this year, I was plunged into survival mode.
When operating from that traumatic, cliff-hanging place, one can see clearly what is important for safety and survival, and what is not. In my own experience, I felt a perspective shift, probably within…

Offering Gentle Chiropractic Care
Dr. Stephanie Harris, DC
Durango, CO

Dr. Stephanie Harris, BS, DC, has a lifelong passion for helping people live their full potential. She offers a unique combination of gentle spinal adjustments integrated with lower force (or light touch) applications, specifically tailored to each individual's needs, which enables their body to reorganize at higher levels of functioning and to express their health and life optimally.

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