You Can’t Get Fit in 5 Workouts

By on January 21, 2016

Why Chiropractic Didn’t Fail You

If you want to make a change, a real lasting change in your life, it requires a commitment. Over time, that commitment will pay off in the form of results. Want to lose 20 pounds? It probably requires a bit of a lifestyle change in addition to calorie restriction. Want to train for a 10K race? You’ve got to run on a regular schedule, to build cardio fitness and endurance. Looking to finally address that old whiplash injury from 20 years ago, which is still causing you pain and headaches? It’s going to take some time for your body to actively heal once you start chiropractic care.

An addict can stop using the addictive substance. But unless he or she does the underlying psychological work that led to the addiction in the first place, the person is more likely to relapse and begin using again. This is because the underlying emotional patterns causing the addiction have not been addressed.

At Inspire Chiropractic we are dedicated to helping you get results. It is true that your pain or symptoms may start to dissipate after just a few adjustments. It is also likely that the underlying cause of your symptoms is due to the presence of deeply entrenched tension patterns that were established over time. This stored tension or stress interferes with your body’s normal functioning. A few specific chiropractic adjustments are not sufficient to unwind these habituated stress patterns. Just like you can’t get off the couch and train for a race in 2 weeks, you cannot reprogram your body’s dysfunctional neuromuscular patterns in 2 weeks, either.jogging-running-1208735-639x961

This is the same reason why we recommend a specific amount of care for your healing process, as takes a plan of action to get results. People’s bodies progress through three stages of healing once they start care in our office. In the first stage, surface levels of tension are diffused, and that is why you start feeling better. In the second stage or level of care, deeper tension patterns are released, thus correcting the CAUSE of your symptoms. Once this happens, new, healthier strategies for dealing with stress can begin to be established. In phase 3, your body builds on the previous work and learns ongoing adaptability and self-awareness, and no longer stores stress the way it used to.

Regular chiropractic care creates momentum for lasting change. Just like going to the gym on a regular schedule will improve your fitness level. Obviously, if you want to improve your spinal functioning and achieve a new level of health from the inside out, then it requires some momentum.

Some people only want to get out of pain, come in for 5 or 6 adjustments, and then move on. In this case, it is likely that the tension patterns causing the pain will build up again, and your symptoms will return. If you’re willing to stay under care a little longer, and make the commitment to following through with the recommended care plan, you can experience lasting change in the way your body feels and functions.

Chiropractic has a poor image in the public eye, partially because people do not follow through with their recommended care plans, and then they claim that chiropractic didn’t solve their health problems. If your cardiologist prescribes an exercise program for your overall heart health, and you don’t follow the recommendations, are you going to blame the doctor for your continued heart troubles?

People who “try” chiropractic a few times and then claim that it doesn’t work are unfortunately not educated about what it takes to truly transform their body’s functioning. This is like going on a diet for two weeks, losing 5 pounds, and then going back to your previous bad eating habits which caused you to gain weight in the first place. There simply has not been enough investment of time and energy to creating lasting lifestyle change.

It most likely took years for your body to develop its habituated stress patterns. These patterns can’t be changed overnight. There IS no magic pill or instant solution. Just like saving for a down payment on a house, or learning to play guitar, all processes take time. This includes the process of optimizing your body’s health and functioning.

It is my vision that we live in a world where chiropractic is more widely utilized and better understood. Where it is no longer held as a “best-kept secret”. Where people can get real help in resolving their chronic pain and health issues. It is my intention by writing this to help you better understand the universal principles of health and healing, so that you can make the best, most informed choices when it comes to your and your family’s health.



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