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Tuning Into Your Innate Voice

By on November 15, 2015

When my young daughter was diagnosed with caner earlier this year, I was plunged into survival mode.
When operating from that traumatic, cliff-hanging place, one can see clearly what is important for safety and survival, and what is not. In my own experience, I felt a perspective shift, probably within 24 hours of her diagnosis. In the process of informing our community of our situation, I noticed that my preconceived beliefs, judgments, triggers, or fears that come with being human simply fell away. Those false beliefs and perceptions were now completely unimportant, as they were irrelevant to my family’s survival; or any other aspect of my life, for that matter.

In the days following her diagnosis, I watched consciously as I gently said “no thank you” to my self-absorbed triggers as they arose. They simply held no power, in the grand scheme of how my life was playing out. I stopped being influenced by thoughts that arose from my ego, or my comparison-judgment mind. I was free to think and act from my own inner resources. I felt the emergence and warmth of a new feeling, which was the inherent okayness of my own existence. Within the space of: “we must survive”, I leaned on the value of my own experience, rather than unconsciously basing my situation on the opinions of others.

What was this voice that I was tuning into? The voice of my own true nature. That intuitive, inner voice that each of us has, and is unique to each of us. At that time, it was the driving force that prioritized my life and the well-being of my immediate family. It was the inner insistence I was tapping into which reassured me that Chloe, and the rest of us, were going to get through this. It took something as grand as cancer to get me to notice the fundamental potency and truth from my inner voice. Not in an egotistical self-importance kind of way, but more like as an independent thinking, internal values-driven kind of way.

We chiropractors call this inner voice Innate Intelligence. Your Innate Intelligence is the spark of life that runs your body functions, that breathes your lungs, digests your food and beats your heart. It also exists as a timeless piece of spirit embodied as the unique human that you are. Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to it as the infinite part of you that was never born, and doesn’t die. As the great revolutionary healer Donny Epstein, DC, says, “Your brain is not the originator of thoughts…. it is the receiver”. Your truest thoughts are downloaded, so to speak, from a Universal field of Intelligence. Just as writer Liz Gilbert talks of Inspiration coming as an entity knocking at your door, and if you don’t pay attention to it, it will go and bug somebody else for attention. She says that Ideas want to be developed; but first, you have to open the door for them to come in.

Now that the medical drama is behind us, I don’t have quite the clarity that surfaced in the midst of those urgent circumstances. I do, however, have a reference point from that time. My intention nowadays is to keep the door open and invite in a more consistent connection with my Innate Intelligence, which is my own inner source of strength and wisdom. We each have the capacity to be guided by our own inner intelligence, but we have to clear our own selves (our egos) out of the way of receiving it.

How does one go about doing this? You can start by taking time to notice how your thoughts make you feel. When you feel envy, resentment, or anger, do you feel good, or not so good? How is the not-good feeling showing up in your body? Is it a tight throat? A knotted stomach? Is your breathing severely restricted? Are you developing a headache? If your thoughts are not making you feel good, then they are probably not from your Innate. These thoughts are coming from your ego. Thoughts or ideas that come from your inner source, your higher self, do not feel bad. They feel pleasant, resonant, or even inspiring. Sometimes, when we have insights that encourage us to grow or expand, then we may experience some anxiety around that expansion. This is normal. But there is a difference between having butterflies in your stomach, like when falling in love, or in stepping into your dream job, and feeling that bottomed-out dissonant feeling of anxiety that can take over our perceptions when something just doesn’t feel right.

Once you start to gain some discernment over whether or not your thoughts are coming from divine inspiration, you can invite more divine thoughts in. How? By asking questions. They don’t have to be the right questions, just so long as you are questioning your unpleasant thoughts. How are these thoughts serving me? What beliefs do I have that are perpetuating these thoughts? How do I really want to feel? What mindset do I need to shift my perspective? What action steps can I take in order to move on or feel inspired?

Just by asking questions, we get answers. The answer might show up in creative and unexpected ways. I recently had been feeling internally “empty” because I was filling up my spare time with busyness. I decided that I wanted to slow my mind down, and deepen my awareness. I set this intention before going to bed one night. The next morning I awoke in the middle of a life-affirming dream about my (and humanity’s) capacity for deeper awareness, more heart, and a more uplifted state of consciousness. It gave me hope, that despite my crazy busy life, there’s still that part of me in there that has a deeper connection.

You don’t need to become enlightened or endure a traumatic event to get more out of your life. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle noticing and inquiry around your thoughts. There is no right or wrong way of going about things. But I truly believe there is a deeper satisfaction to be had by connecting to your true inner voice. This will help you to know what’s important to you, and to gain a fundamental understanding of your own true nature, so that you can make decisions consistent with your truth.

Here is a related quote by Debbie Ford that I recently stumbled across:

“Your life is sacred.

There is and always has been a path for your soul, and if you follow that path, it will lead you to the inner utopia that your soul longs to experience in this lifetime.

You are here to manifest the gory of the divine in a way that twill serve your own soul and serve the evolution of other souls as well.”

Yours in Health and Healing,

Dr. Steph



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